Barn Homes and Beyond Moves to a New Home

This will be the last week for the Barn Homes and Beyond blog at this site. But don’t fret, we’re not going away but merely changing location! Starting next week, our blog will be hosted directly on Timberpeg’s website. This is part of a large upgrade to Timberpeg’s website, which just launched!  While we’re psyched about the move, there are plenty of other great new features on the Timberpeg site. Here are some of our favorites.


The new site looks great on any device!

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice is how much better the website looks on your device of choice. While the Timberpeg website always featured a great browsing experience from the desktop, the experience on mobile devices was somewhat lacking. Now, you will have a consistently great site experience no matter how you view our site.


The galleries now include more information regarding the project such as the floor plan, virtual tour, the rep and customer testimonials.


Another great new feature is the revamped photo gallery. Previously, a home’s photo gallery might be a separate page from related items like its floor plan. Now, these features are all stored together so you can view a home’s photographs, floor plan and virtual tours all in one place. Furthermore, you can sort the photos to only view interior or exterior shots, see any testimonials form the home owner, or see the contact details for the Independent Representative (IR) who built the home.


The IR pages feature their past projects.

Speaking of IRs, their pages have been totally reworked as well. Now, when you search for your IR, not only will you get contact information, but you will also see galleries of many of the homes that the IR has worked on. It’s very insightful to see all the wonderful houses your IR has already built! Find a Rep near you!


The “My Pegboard” section lets you save your favorite projects.

One feature that’s really exciting is the “My Pegboard” section. If you register a username on Timberpeg’s website, you can save image galleries and floor plans that you like by “pegging” them. This makes it easy to find a project you like when you return to the site, or you can use the feature to contact us for more information on a project.

tpeg_logoThese are only a few of the many great updates to Timberpeg’s website. Please come visit the new site and take a look around, and we’ll see you there for next week’s blog as well! If you’re not already signed up for blog updates from us, you can sign up on the new site!

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Kitchen Trends: Mismatched Cabinets

For as long as we can remember, the goal with kitchen cabinets has been to have all the cabinets match in style and color. Recently, however, it has become trendy to have mismatched colors on your kitchen cabinets. One version of this trend is to have a darker color or stain for your lower cabinets and a light stain or white painted upper cabinets. In this post, we will instead look at some Timberpeg homes where different zones in the kitchen use different colored cabinets.

post and beam cottage kitchen

This first kitchen comes from a Timberpeg home in Florence, Massachusetts. Most of the cabinets have a light stain to them, matching the color of the posts and beams. However, the china cabinet at one end of the kitchen has a much darker stain. Not only does this help the china cabinet stand out, it also suggests that the cabinet is an older piece than the rest of the kitchen. As with many such designs, the island is also painted to match the china cabinet. The Dutch door and antique wood stove oven also hint at this home’s blend of new and old charms.


Our next home in Maryland takes a similar approach but reverses the color scheme. Here, all the pieces are modern and the predominant cabinet color is a dark stain. However, the china cabinet at the end of the kitchen and the island are painted bright white in contrast. The sandy granite countertops provide a nice match to both the light and dark cabinetry.


While a light stain/dark stain or white/black contrast is a very popular choice, there are many more options for mismatched cabinet colors. This Colorado Timberpeg uses a predominate light stain on the cabinets, while the island and nearby hutch use a deep green color. This green echoes the home’s exterior trim as well as the surrounding forests. In general, earth tone cabinets are a more popular choice than brighter colors.


Our final home in Maryland uses a dark stain on the cabinets around the oven, while a clear finish is used elsewhere. Despite the counter wrapping around the exterior wall of the kitchen, this dark finish serves to visually separate the stove from the rest of the kitchen without physically separating it. Furthermore, the clear finished cabinets are anything but ordinary, with their hickory boards providing interesting coloration and grain patterns throughout the kitchen.


We hope you’ve liked this look at some of the trendy kitchens that employ non-uniform cabinets. If you’re looking for a new timber-framed kitchen, with or without uniform cabinets, please contact our team today.

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The Fabulous Outdoor Kitchen

With May weather upon us and the unofficial start to summer only two weeks away, we have certainly entered “grilling season”. However, for many Americans outdoor cooking is a year-round passion, with 39% of people grilling throughout the year and 61% grilling at least eight months a year. With statistics like this, it’s no wonder that the outdoor kitchen has become a desired feature for many homeowners. Here’s a look at a few Timberpeg homes and their outdoor kitchens.

Our first home in Hancock, Maryland has a basic but very functional outdoor kitchen. This setup has a built-in grill on a stone counter, with under-mounted storage and a refrigerator. It is built in a classic galley style, and its location on the deck right off the great room means it is perfectly positioned for outdoor or indoor parties. Typically, simple installations like this lack a sink, since plumbing is more expensive to run to outdoor locations. However, the built-in grill’s permanent gas supply is certainly very convenient.


This next outdoor kitchen is billed as a pool house, but brings a lot of timber frame charm to the yard. The speakeasy door and steeply pitched roofline creates a fairytale appearance to this very useful outdoor dining destination. The pool house has a sink and icemaker, and even features a multi-zone wine cooler. The pool house also features two fireplaces, an indoor one as well as an outdoor fire pit under the gazebo section.


Our final project takes the “pool house” kitchen to a new level. This kitchen can be opened to the patio, creating a tiled galley kitchen that is great for day or nighttime entertaining. Behind the dining area and kitchen is also a sitting area. While it serves as a wonderful public space, the pool house was also designed to function as a luxurious guest cottage. With its attached bedroom and bathroom, with the front doors closed this pool house also becomes a private retreat away from the main house. Read more about this project here.

Pool House Kitchen Designs | Custom Pool House

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at a few projects with outdoor kitchens, whether completely in the open or contained in a lovely timber framed outbuilding. If you’re looking for a post and beam home with a great kitchen inside and out, please contact us.

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What Do Moms Like On Mother’s Day?

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we would like to extend our thanks to all the wonderful mothers of the world. If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you no doubt read our four-part series last year on what moms look for in a home. The issues of storage, entertaining space, flexibility and relaxing space are high priorities for the modern mom. Today, we thought we’d focus a bit on the question that confronts dads and children this time of year: What does mom like to do on her day?


Could this be the ultimate, relaxing Mother’s Day destination?


Any celebration is incomplete without food, and Mother’s Day is no exception. A National Restaurant Association poll shows that 35 percent of American’s will be eating out on Mother’s Day, making it one of the busiest dining days of the year. Another 34 percent plan to cook a meal at home with or for their mothers. And 29 percent (boo!) don’t plan on having anything special for dinner.

post and beam open floor plan

What will you cook for mom this Sunday?

Moms prefer seafood for dinner, with 26 percent desiring this for their special dinner. The next most popular request is steak, at 16 percent. If you’re making a meal for mom at home, we suggest going all out and combining steak and crab to make Steak Oscar. You can even have the kids help make this easy hollandaise sauce in a blender that tastes great but won’t separate!


Moms tend to do more than their fair share of housework, so a day off is definitely in order. If there is one chore moms would rather not do this weekend, it’s cleaning. One third of moms responding to a RetailMeNot survey said they would like for someone else to clean the house. Rather than cleaning on Mother’s Day, clean up the house for her beforehand so she can enjoy the day in her clean home. Her next most desired request (20 percent) was for someone else to cook for the family, but that’s already taken care of, right?


A clean home is a relaxing home.


According to the RetailMeNot survey, 13 percent of moms want to receive a spa treatment as a Mother’s Day gift. Even among those who don’t want to go out, a third of moms want to be pampered and relax on Mother’s Day. Read our post on building a relaxing home, and consider creating a spa day at home for your special lady.

bathroom with jetted tub in bay window

A spa day at home may be just what mom wants.

Whatever your plans, we wish all you moms out there a happy Mother’s Day. And if you’re looking to pamper your wife with a new timber frame home for all the Mother’s Days ahead, please contact Timberpeg today.

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