Happy Holidays

post and beam home with christmas tree by fireplaceIt’s that wonderful time of year when families gather together to celebrate.  Be it Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanza or simply secular get-togethers, this is the time of year for having people over to your home.  And, us being all about homes, it means that it’s just about our favorite time of year.

Whether or not you live in a post and beam home, there are some great tips we’ve found for making your house feel welcome for when your guests arrive.  Here are some of those tips.

1) Clean Towels in The Bathroom

If you’re hosting a dinner party or luncheon, then you’ll likely have a lot of bathroom traffic, which means you’ll have a lot of hand-washing going on.  Consider having multiple hand towels for guests to dry their hands so no one towel gets overly wet.  Or, another good idea is to simply set out a stack of single use washcloths with a decorative basket that guests can put the used washcloths in.

post and beam entry with coat rack and slate floor2) A well defined place for coats and shoes

If you don’t have a coat closet near the entrance that guests will be using, consider putting a stand-alone coat rack near the door.  That way when people arrive it will be one less thing for them to have to ask the host about.  If you expect guests to remove shoes upon arrival, then set a few pairs where you’d like guests to set their own shoes.  Guests should see the shoes and follow suit. (photo by Thomas Photography )

3) The right lighting

Dim light and glowing candles really paint the picture for this time of year, but if you’re having guests over, especially older guests who aren’t familiar with your house, make sure all the steps, stairways and entrances are well lit.  Don’t leave anybody in the dark.

4) Keep the walkways ice free

Make sure the walkways and steps leading to your house have been shoveled and salted for ice-free walking.

5) Find out if your guests have food allergies or food restrictions ahead of time

post and beam kitchen with salmon and crabHoliday parties should be full of good cheer, not epinephrine.  If you’re unable to ask all the guests ahead of time whether or not they have any allergies, then simply label foods that have been made with common allergens (common allergens include peanuts, shellfish and gluten) to denote what they contain.   This is especially important if you’ve made a common dish with uncommon ingredients that allergy sufferers might not recognize as being hazardous.  For example if you make bruschetta and you used some langoustine in the mix – label the dish with “Bruschetta with Langoustine” and not just “Bruschetta”

6) Keep The Flow

An open floor plan is great for get-togethers and parties.  But if you don’t have an open floor plan, make sure that you keep all the door ways between rooms free of clutter.  Don’t put chairs or set out food right in front of the entrance to a room.  That can clog the door way and won’t allow people to move as freely to mingle.

post and beam great room with stone fireplace

So, post and beam home or not, we hope your home is full of good cheer, friends and family.  And should your current home prove to be just too frustrating to entertain in, then let our talented designers create a new home or addition as a present to yourself.  Simply fill out the form on the Timberpeg website to tell us all about what you’d like your ideal home to be.


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