Let’s Shed Some Light on Barn Home Lighting Options

reclaimed barn beam lampWhen you think of barn homes, do you picture wide open spaces, tall ceilings and beautiful wood beams?  Those seem to be the most common images of what a barn home looks like.  But when we ask people to conjure up what barn home lighting looks like, the images vary widely from rustic to ultra-modern (and everything in between).  And that’s what’s so great about barn home lighting – anything goes!

Here are some of our favorite ways to make your barn home lighting reflect your personal style.

Re-Purposed Lighting

One popular choice for bringing a bit of history into a barn home, is by using a light fixture made from something old.  For example, the lamp shown above was made from an old beam that was salvaged from the homeowner’s childhood farm.  But not all re-purposed lighting is something so personal.  Lighting fixtures can also be made from things you pick up at an antique mall or find at a garage sale (like the lamp shown below.)

Lamp made from peacock brand food colors tinsThe homeowners of the barn home shown above have chosen a lamp made from old tins of “Peacock Brand Food Colors” for some unique barn home lighting

Colorful Barn Home Lighting

Light fixtures can be a great way to introduce color into a room.  It can be used as a stand out accent color, or can mirror the colors already in the room.

post and beam great room and hanging light with red shadeThe jewel toned red used for the lamp shade shown above, helps to carry the colors of the great room back into the dining nook in this modern barn home.

post and beam dining room with blue glass lamp

In this post and beam dining room (shown above), the bright cobalt blue of the hanging lamp provides a unique splash of color to the otherwise neutral barn home.

bright colored chandelier for kids roomAnd, of course, children’s rooms are the perfect place to introduce some colorful lighting fixtures.  Just take a look at how much fun the colorful jeweled chandelier adds to this room (shown above).

Stylized Barn Home Lighting

One of the great things about barn homes, is their ability to showcase almost any style of decor.  From urban chic to colonial classic – it all looks great in a barn home.  So, one of the ways to achieve a stylized look for your home is to use lighting fixtures that add to your selected decor style.

post and beam dining table with craftsman style lightingThe lighting fixture shown above has a definite craftsman style that works cohesively with the mission style dining table and chairs.  Its large scale works well with the high ceilings and open floor plan inherent in so many barn homes.

Unique Shapes and Forms of Barn Home Lighting

We’re all familiar with the classic shapes of lighting fixtures – lamp shades, glass lanterns and pendant lights.  But there are so many beautiful and unique options beyond these common shapes.

post and beam great room with modern chandelier lightingThis barn home great room (shown above) has two hanging lights with a very unique shape.  Their free form style is a nice contrast to the straight clean lines of the post and beam frame.

modern chandelier in stairwell of barn homeThe chandelier in this barn home stairwell (shown above) is a great example of lighting that goes beyond the traditional shapes we’re all accustomed to seeing.  The bright metal spirals and squiggles in an ethereal manner and shines with reflected light.  The look is fun and modern, yet surprisingly sophisticated.

What is your favorite style of barn home lighting?  Do you prefer the free-form, ultra modern lighting?  Or do you enjoy the look of a re-purposed antique?  Let us know by leaving a comment here, or on the Timberpeg Facebook Page.  And as always, if you have questions about any of the homes pictures, feel free to contact Timberpeg.


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