Spring 2013 Colors For Barn Home Style – Part 1

Each Spring and Fall, Pantone® releases its pick for the top colors of the season.  With New York Fashion Week just wrapping up, we thought we’d take a look and see how these hot new colors for Spring can be used in post and beam homes.  Here is our take on the first 5 of the top 10 colors for Spring 2013.

pantone spring 2013 colors

Poppy Red

timber frame great room with poppy red pillows

Red has long been a popular color in home decor.  It adds warmth and vibrancy to a room.  This year’s take on red is Poppy Red.  This passionate tone would be great as an accent like the timber frame great room shown above.  Or it could be used to really enliven a dining room.

Lemon Zest

barn home painted yellow with cupola

Yellow is a classic choice for farm home exteriors.  A true barn style home painted a cheerful shade of yellow is positively serene.  The barn home featured above is a classic example of simple symmetry with a cheerful color choice for its barn siding.

Dusk Blue

blue children's room with rocking chair

This muted blue still maintains a vivid quality without being jarring or overwhelming.  Its cool and soothing properties make it a good choice for a bedroom.  The timber frame children’s bedroom above is done with this tranquil shade of blue and helps make the room a fun, but restful place for visiting grandchildren.

African Violet

purple timber frame great room

This is definitely not a traditional choice for a barn home.  However, it is a modern choice that, paired with the right decor, brings a sense of calm sophistication to a room.  The timber frame great room shown above actually has a special painting technique on the walls which shows a gradual color fade from dark to light.

Grayed Jade

timber frame master bathroom

This fun color is a great choice for bathrooms and laundry rooms.  It has the feel of calming water and an almost spa like quality.  The master bathroom above really takes advantage of the spa like feel of this color.  It truly makes this room feel like a luxurious oasis.

Stay tuned next week for the second installment of the hottest colors for Spring 2013.  We’ll showcase the remaining five colors with another round of post and beam home photos.  If you have a favorite color from the first round, please feel free to leave a comment.


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