The Hottest Home Decor Colors for 2012 – Pantone Report

Each spring and fall, Pantone® collaborates with some of the top names in fashion and home design to select a palette of the most on trend colors.  This spring 2012 the 10 colors chosen represent a fun, fresh, but classic approach to design.  We will highlight each color below and how they can be made to work in a post and beam home:

Pantone Cockatoo Colorcockatoo colored chairs in post and beam home
This post and beam home has been finished in some modern decor, to help balance its use of heavier timbers.  The clients chose a fun color of textured chenille fabric for their dining room chairs, in a very similar shade to “Cockatoo”.  This would be a great color choice for coastal homes as well as a fresh, vibrant choice for any master bathroom.cockatoo fabric  This color also looks great in a bold print, such as ikat.

Architect: Bonin Architects
Photography: Great Island Photography

Tangerine Tango Pantone Color 2012 color of the year
tangerine tango screen porch This screen porch from a post and beam home built in the Green Mountains of Vermont makes a bold statement.  The ceiling has been painted a vibrant shade of orange, very close to Tangerine Tango.  Tangerine Tango was named not only a top pick for this spring, but “Color of the Year – 2012.”  This shade is a warm “pick-me-up” color that transitions well through all the seasons.  It is an excellent choice for dining rooms.  tangerine tango fabricThis color also plays well with coastal and nautical themes thanks to its closeness to vibrant coral.

Solar Power Pantone
solar power yellow post and beam kitchen and dining roomFew colors are more cheerful than shades of yellow.  Unfortunately, yellow is a difficult color for many to wear.  So, if you love shades of yellow, but they don’t work in your wardrobe, why not try them on your walls?  Solar Power is an excellent choice because it’s not too vibrant or light, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.  yellow provencal fabricIf you love Provencal style, this is also a great choice since many of the traditional fabrics of Provence contain similar shades of yellow.  We love the sponged finish of the yellow walls in this post and beam home built in South Carolina.

bellflower pantone
Purple lamp in post and beam living roomPurple can be a bit bold for many.  So, if you’re attracted to this shade of purple, but not sure how to incorporate it into your post and beam home, why not start with a small accent piece?  After all, it’s easier to swap out a lamp or a rug than it is to re-paint a room.  bellflower purple ikat fabricThis post and beam living room has a generally muted palette, but the addition of a metallic purple lamp in a modern shape adds a pop of fun to this room.  Other easy purple accents to use are throws and pillows.

sodalite pantone navy blue
Sodalite Blue Navy Accent Wall in KitchenThis post and beam kitchen has a neutral white palette.  But, just as you exit the kitchen, the open floor plan is defined with a bold shift in wall colors.  The wall has been painted a deep, bold blue, very close to Pantone® “Sodalite Blue”.  sodalite blue fabricAccent walls like this are a great way to define a space, and bring some visual interest to a muted room.  This color works so well with a whitewashed post and beam frame.  It makes a room feel fresh and awake, as though enlivened by a strong sea breeze.

driftwood pantone neutral
driftwood exterior shinglesLest you think that all the picks are super bold and bright, there are a few neutrals in the mix.  Driftwood is an amazing color for those interested in post and beam barn homes.  The color is very reminiscent of old barn boards.  The post and beam house under construction shown here, in Montauk, NY, has a stain on its shingle siding very similar to “Driftwood.”  diftwood mirrorThis will give the post and beam home a head start on the weathered look so common on coastal homes in Montauk.  You can indeed use this color in your post and beam home with pieces actually made from real driftwood like this mirror from Crate and Barrel.

margarita pantone
margarita green walls in post and beam bedroomThis post and beam bedroom has an open and airy feel with its vaulted ceilings, large windows and all white trim.  The choice of a green similar to “Margarita” gives this room a pop of color while still maintaining a calm and soothing feeling – important for keeping the bedroom restful.  margarita green geometric print fabricThis is a wonderful choice for walls in children’s rooms as it can easily transition from youthful, to sophisticated by simply changing out the furniture and accent pieces in the room.

cabaret pantone hot pink
cabaret pink and blue oriental rugThis is another one of those colors that can be visually intimidating.  While it could be fun on an accent wall, it’s probably best to use this color as an accent like in this post and beam home built in Maryland.  The homeowner has chosen a vibrant oriental rug with hot pink and royal blue.  The wall hanging is a fabric piece with similar shades of hot pink.  cabaret hot pink fabricOther than these bright pieces the decor is kept rather neutral – a wise choice when using dominant hues.

sweet lilac pantone
sweet lilac walls in post and beam homeThis shade of pink is a feminine and delicate color.  This color can be used to achieve a period look, as shades of pink such as this were common in Victorian homes.  It pairs extremely well with shades of gray to give it an updated look.  So when paired with a whitewashed post and beam frame with a gray cast, this look could work very well.  For those who like the color, but worry about how it would work in your home, you should perhaps stick to using strictly in your wardrobe.  lilac geometric pattern fabricThe homeowners in this post and beam home built in Virginia, had a serious adoration for this color and hence they chose to go all out and use it as their primary wall color.

starfish pantone
post and beam home bedroom with starfish wallsFinally, the last color for spring 2012 is “Starfish.”  This sandy neutral shade has been used as the wall color in this post and beam home’s master bedroom.  The entire palette of the room is based around neutral shades that work in harmony with each other.  The trim is painted a creamy white – a nice contrast against the walls.  starfish burlap fabric wall hangingThis monochromatic bedroom exudes a peaceful feeling of calm restfulness.  It’s warm nature and neutral hue make this color very easy to use in a post and beam home – from accent pieces to entire rooms themed around this color.

What does it mean for your home decor?

When it comes right down to it, your post and beam home is your domain and your sanctuary.  You should fill it with all the things that make you happy and feel at home.  These colors are meant to give some ideas to those looking for color inspiration, but they are by no means the only colors you can use for your post and beam home.  Let us know what your favorite color is for creating the perfect post and beam home by leaving a comment here, or on the Timberpeg Facebook page.


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